The Humanity!: More Corvette Carnage at the Texas State Fair

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Damaged C7 Corvette Stingrays at the Texas State Fair

Add two more damaged Corvette Stingrays to the accident tally. At a Chevrolet Ride and Drive event Wednesday at the Texas State Fair, someone driving a new Chevrolet Impala smashed into a row of parked Corvettes. In the photo you can see the Arctic White Stingray absorbed the brunt of the Impala’s force. Our hearts die a little every time we see bent suspension on a Corvette. Sigh.

The Velocity Yellow C7 parked farther up the row was damaged by the Arctic White car.

Velocity Yellow C7 Corvette Stingray Damaged at the Texas State Fair

It’s unclear whether the Torch Red C7 was affected. Let’s pray it wasn’t … there have been too many Corvette wrecks over the past couple of weeks. It’s even sadder to report that the damaged cars were attacked while innocently parked.

via [Jalopnik and Corvette Forum Member “rojhoj“]

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