The Showdown Begins: 2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe vs. SRT Viper

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Since 1992, when the Viper first appeared on the scene, its been one of the best automotive rivalries – the new 2014 Corvette Stingray vs. the SRT Viper.

Sure, on paper it appears that matching the 640-hp Viper against the 455-horsepower Stingray is completely one-sided. A better match-up, you might say, would involve testing the V10 powered Viper against the forthcoming Z07 that’s been generating so much buzz lately.

Still, has opted to get a jump on the rivalry pitting the $100,000 Viper against a well-optioned Vette with the Z51 package for a series of performance tests — including 0-60 launches, quarter mile times, braking distances, slalom runs & skip pad ratings.

And while it might seem like it would be easy to predict a Corvette drubbing, you might find the final results pretty surprising…

Here’s a rundown on the numbers:

Quarter Mile Drag Strip: 

Stingray:  12.39 seconds at 113.73 miles per hour

Viper: 11.72 seconds at 124.09 miles per hour

0 – 60 miles per hour:

Stingray: 4.1 seconds

Viper:  3.5 seconds

Skid Pad Rating:

Stingray: 1.05 g

Viper:  1.01 g

Slalom Runs:

Stingray:  73.5 mph

Viper: 72 mph

Braking From 60 mph:

Stingray:  99 feet

Viper:   110 feet

Check out for more details on the final results.

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