The New Yellow-Striped Corvette Package Is a Reverse Hertz Special

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A yellow-striped black Chevrolet Corvette, huh?

*hippocampus blasts off*

That feels awfully familiar to the ZHZ Hertz special released a few years ago …


Wait, wait, wait, that’s not it … oh dear. Well, this is awkward …


Parody aside, Velocity Yellow is the newest stripe option for the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, joining Blade Silver, Carbon Flash, Crystal Red, Cyber Gray, Inferno Orange, or tri-color red/white/blue. The option has yet to show up on the official Chevrolet website yet, but according to Rick Conti at Coughlin Chevrolet (per Corvette Blogger), it’s on the way.

This exact Wiz Khalifa Z51 Stingray coupe comes in with an MSRP of $79,565 after a build that includes matching yellow brake calipers. The full-length racing stripes are $950 options.

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[Via Corvette Blogger]

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