There’s Something Special About Driving A C3 in 2019, Here’s Why

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Sometimes cars are more than just objects, sometimes, the age and soul that they carry allow a bond to be built and solidify.

Every one falls in love at least once, and some people fall in love with their cars. As ridiculous as that might seem, it’s understandable as to why. Sometimes, objects like cars can hold a value that goes unspoken, something subtle that not everyone can easily understand or recognize. What might seem like an old, rusted yellow sports car to a casual passerby might be years worth of work, days worth of stories, and even more in tears and frustration to the owner. Just like this, two brothers built a bond over a C3 Corvette, presented by our friends over at Hagerty.

Featured is a segment called “Why I Drive”, which delves deeper into stories about cars and their owners and this episode features none other than a lovely 1972 Sunflower Yellow C3 Corvette. The brothers admit that before this C3, they knew nothing about cars and buying this timeless vehicle was their first stepping stone into the automotive world.

Hagerty Why I Drive Sunfire Yellow C3 Corvette

The two further elaborate that due to being first generation citizens, they didn’t necessarily feel the same connection to their country as other natives. However, the fact was that this Corvette allowed them to truly connect to the culture and the history of the country and give them that sense of understanding and community with the place that they lived.


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For these two brothers, this C3 is more than just a car, it represents their bond as friends and family. The rain seals may be leaking, the pop-up headlights might no longer go down and it may get less than 10 MPG, but they knew it was going to be far from perfect. The love they share for this Corvette remains and, just maybe, it’s those little quirks and oddities that rekindle their attraction to the car.

Hagerty Why I Drive Sunfire Yellow C3 Corvette

So if you ever wondered if buying a classic Corvette was worth it, if the value would hold up in 10 years, if the paint is perfect, etc, then maybe, you’ve been thinking about it the wrong way, the whole time. Sometimes, it’s best to just make your own story. So get out there and find that next classic that will make you fall in love, one imperfection at a time.

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