These Badass Wheels and Tires Can Be On Your Corvette

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If you’ve been thinking about giving your C6 Z06/Grand Sport or C5 wide-body Corvette a new look, check out this wheel and tire combo.

Corvette Forum member MAD Matt is selling it. The Sport Muscle GS concave wheels are 19″ X 10″ up front and 20″ X 12″ in the rear. All four have Corvette Racing Jake center caps and are wrapped in Nitto Invos – 275/30/19 in the front and 345/25/20 in the back. In his listing, MAD Matt says, “The wheels have no curb damage or scuffs and the whole set up has less than 1000 miles.”

We have no financial stake in this, so we can honestly say these wheels and the rubber around them look damn good on MAD Matt‘s C5 Z06. The definition of the wheels’ hard, geometric lines contrasts attractively with the soft curves of the high-output hardtop.

This package – and the gratitude of a fellow Corvette Forum member – can be yours for $2,400. Hit the link below to get more details about these wheels and tires, and how they’ll be shipped.

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