Thief Tries to Steal Corvette, Winds Up Trapped Inside

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by John Coyle
Corvette Forum

This is a great story. Apparently, a 21-year-old kid in British Columbia tried to steal a Corvette right from under the nose of its owner?who’d just jumped the car?but was foiled by the autolock system. Details come from the Canadian Press:

“The owner watched in disbelief as the thief rolled up the power windows, locked the power doors ? and promptly stalled the vehicle while trying to back out of the driveway.

Without enough juice in the battery to restart the car, the suspect was trapped inside as the Corvette withstood his efforts to smash a window or pry one open with a screwdriver.”

You know, if you’re going to steal cars, it’s probably a good idea to have the whole clutch/gas thing down. But all kidding aside, does anyone have a good explanation as to why this system is a good idea?

Tons of Corvettes are weekend cars, and they’re known to be fickle about keeping a charge. Plus, this system has to weigh more than a mechanical equivalent, so why saddle a sports car with it? It just seems like one more thing to break.

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