Thieves Busted Trying to Buy Second Corvette With Fake ID

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Apparently, Corvettes Are Popular With Identity Thieves as Well.

This should serve as another reminder of why it’s a good idea to routinely check your credit report for fraudulent activity.

According to a Denver 7 report, a couple used a fake ID with an Aurora woman’s information to buy four motorcycles and a brand new C7 as well as thousands of dollars in merchandise from three area department stores.

Kris Atkin, the victim in the scam, said she believes her social security number might have been taken from her employee file at a hotel where she previously worked. Apparently, one of the crooks told a woman at one of the purchasing stores that she worked at the same hotel where Atkins was once employed.

Even crazier, the couple might would have gotten away with the scam, if it weren’t for the fact they tried to buy a second Corvette using Atkins’s credit. But when the finance company denied financing for the second Corvette, they sent a letter to Atkins, which immediately raised a red flag.

Atkins said she was really surprised to see exactly how much the thieves were able to buy using her ID.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a fake ID being used to buy a new Corvette. In March, a man was busted in Florida using a fake ID to steal a 2016 Corvette priced at $75,000. In that case, the OnStar system was used to track down the crook, after concerns were raised by a suspicious name provided by the crook.

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Via [Denver 7]

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