Things to Know If Your Corvette Is in an Accident

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It’s something that happens quite rarely, but sadly has happened in this instance. Through no fault of his own, Corvette Forum member Ahr691’s one-month-old Z06 wound up in the wrong part of the expressway, and ended up in a three-car crash. So he reached out to the forum for some advice.

If your Corvette has been involved in an accident, and you’re not at fault, there are quite a lot of things going through your head. Some of those thoughts and words we probably can’t get away with publishing here, but advice for insurance is something we all can learn from.

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Though each state is different, most insurance companies generally operate the same way. Unfortunately, that means doing things on the cheap. Their approved repair facilities might sound like the only route for you to go through, but you do have other options.

If you have a preferred body shop to work with, you can insist on their services. Approved shops might also try and slip re-manufactured parts on your car to save cash on their end, but you do have the option of using OEM parts. You also can send your car back if it is not repaired to your satisfaction. Metallic paints are sometimes tricky to match up, so if your eye catches a difference of color between panels, or a gap that just doesn’t look right, you can send it back until it is sorted.

After all of that is said and done, get a diminished value settlement. Carfax is a blessing and a curse, and your car will now have that scar on a Carfax report for the rest of its life on the road. It kills resale value, and that’s why a diminished value settlement is so important.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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