This C3 Corvette Sales Ad Is… Unique

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Creepy Sales Add

It’s true that an original classified ad will get potential buyer’s attention, and could even mean the difference between your ad being red or being skipped. But…

Any ad that begins with, “Hey stud, yes I’m talking to you ” is one you should probably read for comical relief, rather than a serious purchase, and that’s exactly what this male-enhancement loving, red-white-and-blue toting, sissy-naming Corvette owner is all about.

This over-the-top guy has baptized his 1980 Chevy Corvette as”The Beast,” and heaps praise upon it as if it were the last Corvette left on earth, or as he calls it “the pride and envy of his neighborhood.” Also, by his own words “The Beast gets swarmed by more chicks than Magnum PI,” which must be why he also refers to “The Beast” as the “Viagra Vette”.

Should you be slightly interested in buying this Corvette, you must meet the seller’s criteria of not giving a crap about “Sahara desert skin-melting-heat because you’re already dripping blood,” or “cigar smell, and the aroma of Chanel perfume from [my] last ten Vegas girlfriends.” Does that mean he’s smoked in the Corvette and covered the seats in bodily fluids? Most likely so.

Should you be interested, and you happen to meet the seller’s criteria, check out the sales thread here.

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