This C7 Corvette Got the Caravaggio Treatment Inside and Out

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There’s a value to the opinion of the layman. If you’re the manufacturer of a product, it can certainly give you a boost of confidence. However, to companies such as Caravaggio Corvettes, the judgment of people who actually own and buy Corvettes is more useful and valuable.

Supporting vendor and forum member [email protected] recently showed one of his latest projects to you all, a knowledgeable group of Corvette enthusiasts. The response he received to his company’s Z06 conversion was overwhelmingly positive.

Caravaggio’s creation features a ton of great mechanical parts, such as an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger, ported heads, a different cam, and headers.


Even though the Z06 exterior is made up of a matte-black version of Caravaggio’s Stage 2 aero kit, a proprietary Z06 hood, and a “big mouth vent,” it has a certain European touch: its Ferrari-inspired creamy white paint. In fact, John said, “We used a 599 Aperta that had the same color combo as the bench mark.”


You can clearly see that prancing horse’s influence on the design of the seats. They’re just two eye-catching parts of a beautiful brown and cream cockpit that’s accented with carbon fiber and Alcantara carpeting. Those attractive colors, high-end materials, and Caravaggio’s craftsmanship came together to get a good deal of the praise for this special ‘Vette. We have no trouble seeing why.

Now we want to see what kind of power this stunner puts down. Please let us know, John!

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