This Corvette Butt Transplant Finally Happened: C5 with C7 Rear Fascia

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Corvette Butt Transplant - C5 with C7 Rear Fascia (2)

“Frankenstein”, “Looks like a$$”, “Eww”. Those are just some of the sentiments surrounding this C5 wearing a C7 rear fascia that member “Bandit 00C5” posted to the forum. I was apprehensive about bringing this Corvette butt transplant to the front page because when you run the risk of starting World War III, you really have to be careful with your decision-making. If you thought Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction caused an uproar, you haven’t seen anything yet. This plastic surgery may upset people enough to stop the planet’s rotation.

At the very least, expect instant heart attacks, strokes and fits of rage to erupt among C5 and C7 Corvette lovers who will probably die from the outrage of these two Corvette generations being mixed.

Corvette Butt Transplant - C5 with C7 Rear Fascia (1)

I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to perform a C7 butt transplant on a C5, but here it is. Get mad. Get really mad. If you’re not screaming, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” out of your nearest window, I will be disappointed, and I will alert the Corvette police to knock down your door and revoke your Corvette Addicts card post-haste.

Exploding Head

While you blow your top over this, I’ll grab some popcorn and calmly recline to watch skull fragments flying across amber waves of grain. If I may be honest, and let me don my bullet-proof vest before I go any further, I find this Corvette butt transplant interesting. The panel fitment looks factory, and to my eye, it just doesn’t look out of place. I’ll forgive you for accusing me of being blind.

Hey, fellow blind folks: did you happen to notice those C7-style C-pillars? As ridiculous as fake, glued-on C-pillars are, in execution, I think they look interesting and quirky, too.

But as well-done as this mod is, you’d still have to offer me several solid-gold bars to do this to my C5. On top of that, you’d have to buy me another C5 so that I could bury this one. Look, unlike 99 percent of you, I think this is pretty cool, but I’d die from getting laughed at all the time if this were my car.

I could be wrong, though. Maybe more than one percent of the world likes this car. Let’s see what the survey says.

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