Throwback Thursday: 1988 GTO Corvette Body Kit

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Here’s a wild trip down memory lane.

This Corvette is a 1988 model, wearing the official Chevrolet body kit required by IMSA, the International Motor Sports Association, for the GTO Series. Not to be confused with the body kit used on the actual IMSA GTO racing Corvette race car, as highlighted in a Super Chevy report. To purchase the kit, a buyer had to place an order at the Chevy Service/Parts Department.

The Super Chevy story goes on to state that maybe Chevy should have actually built a production model of the GTO series. Chevy could have used the 1988 RPO “performance” options offered in the ’88 Chevy and built a GTO Corvette, which could have included features like the RPO B4P Radiator Boost Fan, RPO FG3 Delco-Bilstein Shocks, MM4 4-Speed Manual transmission, and RPO Z51 performance Handling Package.

The Super Chevy story even asserts that a white Corvette with a blue stripe over the hood, roof, and rear deck might have made for an interesting GTO model.

However, we think the idea was better served in the state in which it was offered.

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Via [Super Chevy]

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