Throwback Thursday: KAOSS ’69 Pro Touring Corvette

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It isn’t easy pulling off a wide body kit on a Corvette, certainly not one that actually looks good. There are enough examples of custom C7s floating around to attest to that. And pulling off a wide body kit on a classic ‘Vette is even more challenging, which is why we find this ’69 pro touring mod, known as ‘KAOSS,’ so impressive. In fact, a Corvette novice might easily mistake the work as a straight from the factory design element, because of how well it fits the overall look of the car.

In addition to its looks, the KAOSS Corvette also packs a pretty powerful punch, as highlighted in the video below, which was first posted in 2013. The car is equipped with a 427 ci V8 engine with L92 cylinder heads and a FAST LSx-R intake manifold.

Aside from the video, details on the KAOSS Corvette have always been pretty sketchy, which gives the mod some mystique as well.

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Via [Torq Speedlab]

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