Throwback Thursday: Callaway and Corolla on the C16 Corvette

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callaway c-16

The names Reeves Callaway and Adam Corolla are certainly no strangers to Corvette fans.

So for our special Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday edition, we decided to share an old post from the team at Callaway Cars with Reeves giving Adam a first look at one of the aftermarket company’s popular ‘Vettes: the Callaway C16.

Far from any typical Corvette, even by most custom standards, the Callaway C16 was inspired by the Ferrari 275 GTB. She features an Alcantara interior, single rear taillight, and 22-inch carbon fiber wheels — just to name a few of the standouts.

The custom ‘Vette is also known for its electronic door release, known as the “D Spot,” which Corolla and his fellow CarCast host, Matt D’Andria, were particularly fascinated by at the time.

Under the hood, the C16 is equipped with a supercharged engine with 650 horsepower matted to a 6-speed manual transmission, giving the car a top speed of 215 mph! That’s still pretty impressive, even by today’s high-performance standards.

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Via [Callaway Cars]

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