Throwback Thursday: ‘Top Gear’ Pits Corvette ZR1 Against Audi R8

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This outstanding Throwback Thursday video, courtesy of the guys at Top Gear, certainly qualifies as a classic. The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 versus the Audi R8, first covered here at Corvette Forum back in 2010.

The side-by-side comparison between the two sports cars is made by Jeremy Clarkson, in his ever inimitable way. Clarkson is obviously impressed with the flat-out speed of the ZR1, but he doesn’t tread lightly about how brutal the car is when it comes to cornering.

“Trying to keep up with Audi is like trying to win the Grand National whilst riding a lion that’s made out of teeth and jelly,” says Clarkson.

Clarkson also pokes fun at a few quality and design issues that have haunted the Corvette in the past, which Chevy has since cleared up in a major way with the C7. Oh well, at least it makes for good comedy, and Clarkson readily admits the ZR1 is much more to drive.

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