Throwback Thursday: Ron Fellows and the Corvette C6 Grand Sport

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The C6 Corvette Grand Sport is easily one of the most under-appreciated machines in Corvette history. While many view it as nothing more than a C6 with a body kit to mimic the Z06, owners and fans know there is a lot more going on under that sexy body. The tires are wider, the suspension is stiffer, the brakes are upgraded, and manual transmission models get track-ready upgrades like a dry sump oil system. In effect, it’s more of a Z06 with a smaller engine, than a base Corvette with a body kit.

To celebrate this great car, let’s take a Throwback Thursday trip down memory lane to 2010 with this video I found in Hammy’s Grand Sport Bar and Grille. To help show off what the car can do, and what upgrades it received, Corvette tapped team racing driver Ron Fellows to do a quick overview of the car, complete with track time.

There has been a lot of Grand Sport chatter on Corvette Forum lately, and I stand with you crazy kids. The GS is a great car, and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous or uneducated about what makes it special. Hopefully, this video can open their eyes to just what an awesome Corvette it really is.

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