Top Custom Corvettes From the Good Old Days

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Sometimes, I find myself forgetting the fact that over the years, the beloved Corvette has taken on some fairly wild looks, thanks to a few adventurous car lovers and designers who’ve had an intimate connection to the vehicle.

Of course, that really shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the history of customization tied to THE American sports car. But after stumbling on a Super Chevy story, it’s clear that the history of Corvettes and custom designs has a much deeper legacy than I thought.

The story, called “Top 10 Crazy Corvette Customs from Yesteryear,” includes examples of works ranging from General Motors’ concepts to personal projects to a few celebrity Corvettes. And while we certainly think the entire Super Chevy piece is worth the read, we’ve included five of our favorite pieces of Corvette nostalgia below.

That said, it’s also clear that some of the custom Corvettes from years past require a bit of a more personalized taste than others.

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Via [Super Chevy]

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