Top Gear Pits Corvette C7 Z06 Against Viper ACR and Shelby GT350R

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It isn’t often that we open up a post here at Corvette Forum urging everyone to read another publication’s full review.

Sure, we always share a link to a story we’ve sourced. But kicking off a piece here by calling another one a must-read is pretty unique. Then again, this Top Gear report pitting a Corvette Z06 up against a Shelby GT350R and a Viper ACR is kind of iconic for American sports car fans.


The showdown, covered by Pat Devereux, consisted of track time in the three cars at both The Thermal Club and Willow Springs racetrack in California.

No spoilers here, as this is one of those pieces that you definitely need to read in its entirety. But we will say that the duel between these three American gunners rekindled the Top Gear team’s love for the Z06 (aka “Big Nasty”), even though the car did overheat some at the track.

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Via [Top Gear]

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