Track Hunting C7 Corvette Stingray Makes 3500-HP

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A 3500-horsepower, twin-turbo C7 Stingray isn’t something you see every day, especially one that retains so many factory body panels. But, it is no surprise that something with such immense presence hails from Texas.


Located in Santa Fe, Texas, Rick Stevens of Stevens Race Cars was commissioned by Andrew Alepa to build him a Radial Racer that would stand out in a sea of Mustangs at the drag strip. The platform they chose to build on was a 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray that Andrew had bought brand new. When the ‘Vette was delivered to Stevens Race Cars, it only had 76 miles on the odometer – that’s a fresh car.

Utilizing a pair of Precision 102mm turbos, 3,500 horsepower is extracted from the 548 cubic inch Pro Line race engine that hides under the carbon fiber hood. Power flows through a 3-speed transmission to a billet rear-end and then two 315 drag radials.


Keeping a 3500-hp car straight is a tough job, but Rob Valden, a seasoned driver, manages. In this video from 1320video, Rob hustles the C7 across the 1/8 mile line in 4.05 seconds at 199 mph. Some fine tuning still needs to be done, but cresting 200 mph shouldn’t be a problem for this car.

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