Track Time With Corvette Z06 Perfect for Chevy’s ‘Day it Forward’

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Chevy Day it Forward

I just love Chevy’s Day it Forward program.

The campaign centered on doing good deeds is quite a breath of fresh air when it comes to the usual car ads, especially when it involves people like those featured in the video below. The clip highlights the story of Corvette owner Gordon Warren surprising a friend battling cancer, Mike, with a few track laps in a C7 Z06. And not just any old hot laps, but ones alongside Corvette Racing’s Ron Fellows.

According to a GM Authority report, the Day it Forward event was held at Miami Speedway and even included banners welcoming Mike to the track. But it’s clear from Mike’s huge smile while at the wheel that what really made the experience special was the track time in the Z06 with Fellows.

Maybe Day it Forward will inspire a few others to use their Corvette to brighten the day of someone in their own inner circle, who could use a little uplifting. We certainly can’t think of a car better for the task.

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Via [GM Authority]

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