Traffic Avoidance Leads to Greatest Road Ever

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Forum member Swissguy had to deliver a laptop to a customer and heard about a traffic jam on the route he had planned along the Swiss Autobahn. Figuring that he’d rather spend the time on a fun, scenic road than sitting in traffic he decided to take the longer route to enjoy a nice Swiss Spring day.

Fortunately, for us he snapped some pics and posted them to the forums. It just so happens that this scenic detour may be the greatest road ever. Not just in Switzerland mind you, but anywhere. It’s close to the Swiss/Italian border and now we’re going to have to book a flight and knock on Swissguy’s door (that’s cool right, Swissguy?). Check out the Google Map of this road.

Then check out all the pics here, tell us what you think and let him know how jealous you are!

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