Translogic Takes a Look at the General’s Fire-Breathing ZR1!

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by John Coyle
Corvette Forum

Last week, I posted about Translogic’s piece on the history of Chevy’s small-block V8, and I still find host Bradley Hasemeyer?and the name of the series, actually?kind of annoying. But they’ve certainly been turning their attention to some great subjects lately, and I like this segment about the General’s halo car. Along with the requisite rattling off of the fire-breathing ‘Vette’s specs, there’s also a cool conversation with Pratt & Miller technical director Doug Louth, some more footage with Dr. Jamie Meyer, and a brief mention of the Corvette Engine Build Experience. Check it out.

What did you think? Not enough new info? Or does anything ZR1-related warrant watching? Head over to the Forum and let me know!

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