How-To Tuesday: Best Winter Tire Options for Your Corvette

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Some of us don’t have the luxury of living in a year-round warm weather environment. Some of us use our Corvette’s as a pure daily driver, and it’s our only option. So when the poor weather starts coming down, where do we turn? We need some tire options, and this week’s How-To Tuesday article is going to point us in the right direction.

While I was not in on the design of the C7 Corvette, I’m not so sure that the folks in Detroit never thought about the car being driven in poor weather. We all know that there aren’t many palm trees growing outside in Michigan. I can’t imagine that there has never been talk about handling and drive-ability of the Corvette in snow, ice, or heavy rain. While it wasn’t necessarily the choice I would have made, driving my Corvette year-round in the Midwest was my only option. I had to learn how to drive it in the snow and the ice. Thankfully, I never had a problem with my car. But there were certainly times where I wished I had another option.

So for those of you out there that were in the same boat as me, what additional steps can you take to help you keep your ‘Vette between the lines and safe? This week’s article goes into detail on the various tires and options that you can look at. We all know that four new tires on the Corvette are not cheap, but the alternative is the proverbial road you would rather not go down. In the end, those four new tires are definitely less expensive than some costly repairs, or worse.

Have you walked this tire path? Do you have a particular tire you will or will not allow on your Corvette? Let us know!

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