How-To Tuesday: Brake Caliper Replacement

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From time to time, you’ll want to find another way to set your Corvette apart from the next. Some people will take the easy way out and stick with the superficial changes. Others, such as yourself, will opt for the road less traveled. As we all know, taking the road less traveled is harder, but in the end it can be far more rewarding. Such is the case when opting to change out calipers on your Corvette. It’s not a quick change to your car, but it is completely worth it.

I would imagine that there is someone out there that is swapping out calipers on a month-to-month basis. Surely someone is changing caliper colors like they change a pair of shoes. I could be wrong of course, but at the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me.

For the sake of the argument, let’s say that you are not that particular individual, and that maybe, because of this article, you’re now thinking that you’re tired of the old stock option on your C6 and you might want to swap out your calipers. Fortunately for you and your newfound desire, we have you covered. This week’s How-To Tuesday article goes into depth about how to tackle the front brake caliper swap on your C6 Corvette.


The best part of a brake caliper change is the instant flair that it adds to your car. Of course there is also the added fact that you’re likely swapping out the brake fluid, which you should have been doing already. There’s also the fact that you’re likely swapping out the brake pads as well. So not only have you improved the look of your Corvette, you’re also making your car that much more safe to drive. This isn’t the quickest or easiest project that you can take on, no doubt about that, but it may end up being one of the more rewarding.

Have you made this change on your Corvette? What’s the best or worst part? Let’s see those before and after pictures!

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