How-To Tuesday: Corvette Brake Pedal to the Floor Fix

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Of all the things not to take for granted on the Corvette, the brakes are right up there. All the power in the world is useless if you cannot stop the car or keep it under control.

Fortunately, I don’t recall ever having an issue on my own ‘Vette where the brake went to the floor and didn’t return to its original starting point once I let go of it. But it happens.

My hope is that you’re not currently dealing with this particular brake issue with a car that is still fairly brand new. But regardless of how old your ride is, this week’s how-to Tuesday article¬†goes into detail to help you determine what kind of brake issue you are currently dealing with, and how to address the problem properly.

Generally speaking, the issue at hand, if you’re in fact seeing this problem, has to do with the brake fluid and proper function levels of said fluid. There are several steps involved, and this week’s article walks through troubleshooting and diagnosis of the problem. Being able to fix this problem home alone by yourself will be a challenge, so we would recommend reserving a friend or helper for the tasks at hand.

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