How-To Tuesday: Ceramic Brake Review

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Ceramic brake pads don’t really do anything for your Corvette, said no one ever. At least no one that knew what they were talking about anyway. There’s a reason that the Corvette Racing Team has ceramic brake pads on their cars, and it has nothing to do with hearsay or speculation. The ZR1 Corvette came from the factory with carbon ceramic brakes, and at the time, it was the fastest production Corvette ever to roll off the assembly line. Do you know why these cars use ceramic brakes? Because they work. Period.

So let’s just agree that ceramic brake pads are designed to make your car stop faster, and that we are all going to purchase ceramic brake pads. So the next obvious question, besides how much do they cost, is what brand is the best?

That’s where this week’s How-To Tuesday article comes into play. As always,¬†we have done our best to try and find the best ways to make your Corvette better. We don’t stop with simple aftermarket niceties, we go the extra mile here. We are providing you with four different options that each include pricing and all the relevant information for each product. Not only are we going to give you a few ideas of various brands to choose from, we are also going to do the research for you. I would say that’s a win-win.

So which option is the best? That’s going to be one for you to decide.

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