Choosing Between the C4 and C5 Corvette

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C4-and-C5 corvette
I’m glad that I wasn’t asked to write this article comparing the 4th and 5th generation Corvettes. I can’t imagine how that internal conversation would play out, though I’m pretty sure it would be similar to choosing amongst brothers which one will be Best Man at your wedding. Neither choice is a bad one, but you’ll definitely end up hurting someone’s feelings.

However, Steve Carnevale does a fantastic job in the article, giving us details about the foundation and bodies of each generation. From the C4’s revolutionary “Uniframe” design…


…to the ground breaking “hydroformed” box frame of the C5…

c5 chassis

Carnevale goes on to discuss the differences in the engines and transmissions of each generation. From the L98 to the LT4, the LS1 to the LS6. How each design pushed the Corvette to the next level. Each one building on the previous model.

And then there’s the obvious difference in the styling of each generation, both inside and out. Carnevale discusses the radical design change from the 1982 to the 1984 model, and how that change renewed the interest and passion of many Corvette enthusiasts while also pulling in many new fans.

C4 Corvette

One of the most interesting aspects of the article focuses on how the introduction of the C5 brought in a nearly 100% redesign of the car, which was a break from previous generational introductions. A welcomed break in many eyes, as it was seen as pushing the car beyond what it was before.

c5 corvette

I encourage you to read through Steve’s article to learn more about both generations. If you had to choose between the C4 and C5 Corvette, could you do it? Easy decision? Hard decision? Let us know!

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