How-To Tuesday: Cleaning Your Corvette’s Bumper Bug Guts

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yellow bugs

If you’ve gone through life and never had to deal with the mess that is the above pictured front air damn, splitter, and bumper, well my guess is that you’ve simply never driven a car. Of course, the other option is that you’ve paid someone else to clean and detail your car. Regardless, getting dead bug guts off the front of your car, no matter what you drive, is a huge pain in the… bumper.

A few weekends ago, I went through this. Thankfully, in some ways I suppose, I wasn’t driving my Corvette but rather my daily driver. I was out in western Kansas heading to see a friend. I was driving between map dots after 10 p.m. That means headlights and sounds similar to pea-sized hail hitting my truck for hours. The next morning, I realized the front grill, window, and side mirrors were absolutely covered in bug destruction. It made the yellow C6 above appear fairly clean. It was ridiculous. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have time to do a proper clean. I hit the cash wash on the way out of town and dropped five bucks. I wouldn’t say it was spotless, but at least it was better.

So what options are out there if you’ve played grim reaper with the front of your Corvette during a summer evening? We’ve got you covered with this week’s How-To Tuesday article. The step-by-step process of getting your car back to normal will take some time and patience on your end. You’ll likely end up needing some help, and there are products out there to get some of the more stubborn hangers-on off the front of your car. One of the bigger keys is to do your best to not let these things stay on your car any longer than possible.

Any products or tricks out there that you would recommend? Let us know.

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