How-To Tuesday: Corvette Club Membership

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Corvette Clubs. What’s your first thought when you hear the phrase? Go on, I’ll wait.

If you didn’t come up with several positive thoughts, you should have. I’m not certain why there is a cloud that hangs over some clubs and not over others, but let’s explore this a touch today.

Granted, I’m not in the local Corvette Club, but I’m fairly confident the two gray vehicles in the back of the photo below are not technically Corvettes, although GM may be working on a new design I wasn’t aware of. This could be a top secret photo of the C8! Or perhaps just a couple of F-15s photobombing again. I’ll stick with the latter. Either way, why aren’t Corvette Clubs seen primarily in this light? What gives?


This week’s How-To Tuesday article goes into detail on the advantages of being a part of a Corvette Club, and why you may want to consider joining one, if you haven’t already. In the end, a club is a great way to develop a lot of long-term friendships and opportunities. Corvette owners are some of the most passionate and involved community groups in many cities, large or small. There are owners ranging from young to “seasoned,” and everywhere in between. And the collection of knowledge in some clubs can’t be matched. If one person can’t help, another one likely can.

So are you a part of a local Corvette Club? After reading this week’s article, did I miss anything? What would you want to add if you were trying to “sell” your club to a new Corvette owner?

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