How-To Tuesday: Keep Your C6 Corvette Clutch Fluid Fresh

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c6 hood

Generally speaking, most people think frequently about changing the oil in their Corvette. But how often do you think about your clutch? If oil is the lifeblood of your car, clutch fluid would be the white blood cells… clearly I’m not a physician, but you get the point. It’s important!

This week’s How-To Tuesday article walks us through checking your clutch fluid and also how to swap it out if necessary. Depending on the frequency and how rough you drive your Corvette, the professionals will tell you to increase how often you need to check the fluid in your car.

The article¬†goes through a few easy steps for you to follow. Hopefully once you start checking the fluid, you’ll make it a habit. I know many people who check the oil level on their car every single time they get a tank of gas. I wish I could say that I’m one of those people, unfortunately for me, I’m not. But I can get better, we all can, especially when it comes to our Corvettes.

There are four easy steps in this week’s How-To article, and the first one is the easiest: finding the clutch fluid reservoir. So we’ll get you started…

clutch reservoir

Boo ya! We even circled it for you. You are now completely devoid of any rational excuse to avoid popping the hood on your C6 and start checking that fluid. So get on it, and keep your Corvette shifting smooth as silk.

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