How-To Tuesday: Corvette Front Leaf Spring Replacement

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There may come a time when you want to start getting really specific with the ride in your Corvette. Maybe you have decided it’s time to take it to the track. Or maybe you just want to get rid of a particular motion while driving. One way to make that happen is to replace the front leaf spring.

Taking a few hours to swap out the front leaf springs on your Corvette may not sound like the most awe-inspiring project, but it will certainly give your car a whole new feel while driving. Suspension adjustments are made frequently in straight line, road, and oval track racing. Being able to feel the drive of your car is as important as getting the right set of tires.

The rear suspension tends to get a lot of love and attention, but the front of your car is obviously just as important. While the power is put to the road by the rear tires, without the front, the car would not stay on the road, no matter how much, or how little power you have.


This week’s How-To Tuesday article goes into the fine details of replacing your front leaf spring. Once again, our How-To writers make this task fairly routine. Having the right information and tools will certainly help speed up the process. Swapping out the leaf spring is going to give your Corvette a ride that you’ve never likely felt. You should see a difference in handling, sway motion, and an improved feeling of being connected to the ground.

Have you swapped out your leaf springs? What’s your take on this project? To do or not do to? Do you feel like it is a good idea even if you are not planning on hitting the track? Let us know.

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