How-To Tuesday: Corvette Front License Plate Installation

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While the new version of the Corvette is considered one of the best stock varieties, the older versions did have a few items that are now considered somewhat of a hassle. The first one that comes to mind is the front license plate holder. Here in the dead center of the United States, we are not required to have a front plate — one great thing about my state, but most others are not so fortunate. So what if you need a front license plate holder?

The front license plate holder was a staple on the Corvette for many years. That is until the introduction of the sixth-generation Corvette. With the design of the car taking on a more aerodynamic look, the built-in flat-front face of the license plate frame was not an ideal addition. My 1987 came with the body-color matching front plate that says Corvette. It’s a part of the C4, and dare I say, the C5, that makes the front of the car look just that much better.


But what if you are lucky enough to be driving a C6 or C7 Corvette and you need that front plate where you live? What options do you have that can make you and your car street legal? You can start by taking a read through this week’s How-To Tuesday article, which walks you through the process of getting a front plate holder installed on your Corvette.

I think many people would rather not have a front license plate on their Corvette. I know that I’m glad I’m not facing this particular issue. The Corvette just looks that much better without the front plate that hasn’t come from the factory with its built-in location. But if you must, here’s some options.

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