OPTIMA Presents How-To Tuesday: Your Corvette Home Paint Repair Guide

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Corvette Paint Repair OPTIMA

There are some marks on a car that just make an owner cringe. Having any car keyed can push someone over the edge, but when it’s your Corvette, it’s just another level of mad. This week’s How-To Tuesday article is all about getting some of this damage taken care of at home. The article is guided more toward those nicks and small chips, but there is no reason why you couldn’t take the time and work the same process for larger marks.

Charlie Gaston pulled together a great article in our “How-Tos” section. It sets out five basic steps walking you through the process of helping to bring your Corvette back to more of a showroom look. Because we all know that you love having that perfection parked at your house.

paint blend

After a thorough cleaning, it’s time to get started on blending paint on the affected area. One of the keys to this process is not trying to rush it. Take your time in making sure to follow the steps provided in the article. Taking that detailed approach will help to ensure that the result is what you are looking for, and hopefully after you have completed the work, even you won’t be able to tell where you just fixed that paint chip.

In the end, unless you are really wanting to spend several thousand dollars, this is going to be your best option.

Have you had luck with this type of project? Any great before and after pictures? Let us know, we are always looking for great additional details to share with everyone at Corvette Forum!

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