How-To Tuesday: Corvette Rear Leaf Spring Replacement

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The Corvette’s power is put down from the rear wheels. The ride of the car, the handling, and control is made or broken by the ability to keep the wheels on the road. Has there ever been a time in your Corvette ownership where you were wanting something a bit different? Something that makes you feel you are in even more control of the car? One way to do that is through swapping out the rear leaf spring on your C6 Corvette.

Changing out the rear leaf spring isn’t what I would call a starter project or introductory undertaking. But in the long scheme of things, it may end up becoming one of the easier projects you undertake. Still, messing with the suspension isn’t a beginner’s course.


This week’s How-To Tuesday article walks us through the process of swapping out the rear leaf spring. The overall task does come across as somewhat easy, after reading the article. But our How-To writers are good at making even the hardest of topics seem routine. Part of what makes this project feel a bit easier is that you’re not going to have to take on a lot of other parts and pieces, as you do when swapping out the front leaf spring.

The difference in the ride of your Corvette will be based on how soft or hard a set-up you choose to run. Depending on what you are planning on doing with your car, such as road racing or simply street driving, the leaf spring set-up means a lot.

Have you swapped out your rear leaf spring? What factors did you consider when taking on this task? What direction did you go once you made that decision? Are you still riding on that spring? Let us know.

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