How-To Tuesday: Making Your Corvette Next-Door-Neighbor Hot

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1200hp Vette

Sometimes it’s just obvious. Often times it’s not. It’s safe to say that when the above pictured Corvette rolls up next to you at the light, you’re not wondering if you have a shot. If you’re me, you are just hoping to get a good laugh out of the driver when he slows down to wait for the next red light. Maybe I might even get one of those “good effort” head nods. While I would imagine there is a great deal of enjoyment strapping yourself into a 1200 horsepower rocket, there’s also something to be said about the “sleeper Corvette.”

I hate to say it, but those of you just now starting to work out for your “summer body” are probably too late. For me it’s because my idea of working out includes 12-ounce curls. But it isn’t too late for your Corvette. As you’ll see in this week’s How-To Tuesday article, there are many options out there to turn your Corvette into the hottest car on the block. Soon, you’ll be laughing at all of the neighbor ponies as you cruise down the street following your weekend of closed-garage-door debauchery.

700 hp HPE

Of course, not all modifications are obvious. In my opinion those are the best ones to make. The Corvette pictured just above really doesn’t look over the top. A casual person might figure out that the rims are not factory, but other than that, she looks pretty normal from here. Alas, this week’s How-To article wasn’t intended to profess its love for the sleeper Corvette, but in a lot of ways it does. The article gives a few ideas and options for those of you wanting to take it to the next level; of course, some levels are easier to reach than others. Thankfully, our community is chock-full of people with knowledge and helpfulness for whatever project you may take on.

So what’s your next modification going to be? Are you ready for summer fun runs? How jealous is your neighbor going to be?

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