How-To Tuesday: Sound Deadening Your Corvette

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There are times when you want to hear your Corvette’s natural orchestra and times when you may not. For those times where you are wanting a little less Pavarotti, there are ways to help accomplish that task. The Corvette has not been known as a particularly quiet car in its history, inside or out. Unfortunately, until recently, the car has been known to give off a rattle or two that discerning ears may be able to pick out. Fortunately, there are ways to help improve your ability to hear with the windows up, and it isn’t as difficult as you may think.

One of our fellow Corvette Forum writers recently penned a great How-To article that talks about how to install sound deadening insulation to the rear bulk-head of the Corvette. The article goes into extensive detail regarding the process of installing the material in to the bulkhead, as shown above in the picture. Keep in mind that while a majority of road noise and sound comes through this area, it can be a good idea to pull the panels off the doors and install the same material there for those of you wanting to go even farther.

The article linked above also has additional links to videos as well as information on how to safely remove carpet in the back of several generations of the Corvette. So if you are having trouble hearing inside your Corvette while driving down the road, you may want to take some time and work on this project.

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