How-To Tuesday: No More Pesky Water Spots on Your Black Corvette

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water spots on black paint

For those of you with weak stomachs, I’m sorry that you had to see this picture. I know I get a little sick each time I see heavy water spots on black paint. Heck, I get sick when I see water spots on most paint, but obviously it’s more noticeable on black. My Corvette isn’t black, but my daily driver is, and this photo is really making me anxious because I really need to detail my car.

Thankfully, in the how-tos section,¬†Corvette Forum has a great article to reference how to remove water spots on black paint. The article¬†is specifically talking about the Corvette, but there is no fast rule saying these steps and methods would not work for another make or model. Hard water and other harsh chemicals or acids do not single out black paint, it’s just that the paint color makes it easier to spot. Chances are you can see plenty of water spots on darker gray colors, deep reds, and other dark tint coat paints too.

The article goes into detail providing four ways to remove even the most stubborn water spots on your black Corvette. Some of you may be fortunate, and it will just take a little time and some attention to detail. Others may have to work a little harder.

What about you? Do you have a water spot horror story? Do you live in a town with water so hard it can damage concrete when spraying the hose in one place long enough? Any tricks you can share with the rest of us fighting the never ending battle against our arch enemy calcium? Weigh in on the comment section, we want all the tricks and trips you can provide!

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