Turbo C5 Corvette Z06 Tears Up Drag Strip

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An added turbo kit and massive slick tires make this C5 a straight-line thriller.

First thing’s first: there is something about a Corvette in this shade of orange that is just wonderful. We know, the safe choices for a ‘Vette — especially in Z06 trim — are red and yellow. But damn, that orange looks so good.

Turbo C5 Z06

Aside from the outlandish and beautiful paint color, this particular C5 Z06 has had some work done, making it a track-ready slayer. The C5 is at a point in its life that prices have reached affordable levels, and enthusiasts are taking advantage. This baby is a good example of just how popular modding these things has become.

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Produced from 1997-2004, the C5 was an overall solid Corvette generation, most noteworthy for being the last with pop-up headlights. The Z06 version made 385 horsepower out of the box, which made it brisk to begin with. While we do not have many specifics on the orange car’s current setup, we do know that it’s using a fairly large turbo kit (just listen to the thing).

Power is likely north of┬áthe 500┬ámarker, giving the uber-sticky slick tires plenty to work with. The video doesn’t give times for the runs either, but we can speculate that the car is putting down some seriously quick numbers. Give it a watch, and let us know what’s your best quarter-mile guess.

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