Turbo Corvette vs Blown GTO

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Eighth-Mile Racing Is the Name of the Game for Radial Vs. The World

Which would you say is more tricky, 1/4-mile or 1/8-mile racing? We’re not talking entertainment levels, or high-speed, just which one takes the cake for having a better car, and a better driver? For us, 1/8th-mile racing gets the nod, and this Radial Vs. The World final proves it. Shorter 1/8th-mile races make sense, too, with some limitations to radial tires.

In this final race, with a C6 Corvette up against a GTO, it’s almost over before it begins. Mark Woodruff is in the right lane, with a re-built ZR-1 that suffered a crash mid-season last year. He’s on radial tires, with a turbocharged Sonny’s V8 providing the power.

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In the left lane, Joe Albrecht’s GTO is also shod with radials, but he’s got a blower. And it turns out that’s the winning way to make power.

Joe trips the lights at 3.837 at 202 mph on the button. That’s enough to beat Woodruff by a margin of just 0.168 seconds. Woodruff’s time was a 4.005 at a respectable 196.42 miles per hour.

With a race this close, obviously every fraction of a second counts, and every inch within that 1/8th mile has to be perfect.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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