Turbo Powered Corvette Speaks the International Language of Speed

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Turbo Corvette

There’s one language that’s pretty universal in the world of cars — and that’s the language of speed.

Sure, there’s a few different ways of translating it, depending on factors like the place or country where it all goes down. But rest assured, fast is fast, regardless of whether you’re racing at a neighborhood track or hitting an abandoned airstrip in Argentina for a quick run.

That’s why I’ve been all over the DragtimesInfo video posted below of a turbo-powered Corvette running an 8.3-second ¼ mile at a speed of 269 kph, or 167 mph when converted for those of us stateside. Although, I doubt anyone needs much of a translation to get a sense of this ‘Vette’s speed after watching it launch from the starting line at around the 1:18 mark.

That lift-off says “fast” all day long, even if you can’t make out a word being said in the clip without subtitles.

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Via [DragtimesInfo]

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