Turkish Corvette Burnouts End with a Resounding FAIL

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Article provided courtesy of Corvette Blogger
[VIDEO] Turkish Corvette Burnouts End with a Resounding FAIL

At this rather large gathering of car enthusiasts in Turkey, we see a black C6 Corvette doing some impressive burnouts and donuts. As the Corvette wraps up its little show for the crowd, two other cars get in the act including an unknown maroon sedan with the obligatory passenger with a handycam hanging out the window. What happens next can only be described with a face palm to the forehead.

Apparently, car enthusiasts in Turkey are as fond as we Americans when it comes to posting videos on YouTube. We found no less than four separate videos showing the Corvette’s donuts and the resulting fender-bender. Here’s an alternate view and this video (sort of) shows the damage to the Corvette’s front end afterward.

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