Katech Turns C7 Corvette Grand Sport Into a 700-HP Z06-Killer

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The Corvette Grand Sport is the best bang for your buck C7, but the Z06 is still the king of the track. So, how can a Grand Sport owner stick it to a Z06?

The Grand Sport often earns the nickname of “Z06 lite.” It is part Z51 Stingray and part Z06. All of the added Z06 goodness comes in the form of performance-enhancing suspension and braking components. Check the Z07 package and you get additional aero bits off the Z07 to improve on track performance.

katech C7 grand sport

Under the hood, the Grand Sport’s LT1 produces the same 460 hp found in the base C7. The level of speed a normal driver can achieve on track in the Grand Sport is amazing, but the Z06 will still be faster. Although, the Z06 may need to stop and cool down, as the supercharger on the LT4 is known to run hot. So, how can you show the Z06 your tail lights and still enjoy the LT1’s naturally aspirated reliability?

The engine builders at Katech Performance may have your answer. They offer Grand Sport owners a monster engine upgrade, in the form of their Street Attack 427ci motor build. This 700 horsepower naturally aspirated LT1 is a complete beast. Katech knows a thing or two about motorsports, as the company ran the C6.R to several victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The motor build is a complete package from forged pistons, crank, and rods, to CNC ported heads.


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In this video you get to see all the engine porn of the full 427 build. This black C7 sounds like a full-on race car and has the power to back it up. So, next time you get passed by a Z06 on track just remember Katech can make you a Z06 eater. If you enjoyed the NA power of the C6 Z06, then the Katech Performance 427 LT1 may be the Grand Sport for you. Let us know what you think of the 700-horsepower GS C7 in the comments.

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