Twin Turbo C2 Shreds the Drag Strip

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The drag strip is a place of glory when excessive power meets a skilled driver.

The C2 is probably not best known as a slayer on the drag strip. Sure, it is quite the effective platform to add some speed, but not typically the kind of speed that wins drag race after drag race. When the C2 was first produced in 1962, it was absolutely groundbreaking, but mostly because of its looks and general capabilities on the road.

Twin Turbo C2 Corvette

All these years later, the body lines and overall shape of the Sting Ray still captivate car enthusiasts, both young and old. Design prowess and reputation aside, the C2 is quite capable of laying down some serious rubber on the track, especially when heavily modified.

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In the High Tech Corvette video above, a stunning blue C2 takes no prisoners as it rips down the line, pulling low-to-mid 9s on each pass. The video explains that the car is packing a massive twin-turbo system, generating an unknown-but-huge amount of power going straight to the oversized rear meats.

Most fascinating is how the Corvette bounces down the line, fighting to force the driver out of control. Despite that, he keeps it in check, and puts the power down in a big way — over 150 mph at the finish line.

The C2 might not be the perfect race car, but it can damn well make its way down a quarter-mile. Check out the video and watch the driver nail every manual shift, while fighting to keep the car pointing straight ahead. Impressive stuff, indeed.

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