Twin Turbo Corvette Drag Races Radio-Controlled Car

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Okay, this does sound kind of stupid, but you still have to watch the video. After all, how many times have you seen a twin turbocharged C5 Corvette line up on an airstrip next to a foot-long radio-controlled car? Probably, never.

This oddity of a YouTube video comes to us from the guys at High Tech Corvette, and if you’re looking for an explanation as to why somebody thought it was a good idea, I don’t have one. But I can tell you it’s still pretty darn funny. Talk about David vs. Goliath.

According to the video’s description, the white C5 Corvette produces over 1,000 horsepower, but the driver dialed down the boost to keep it a bit civil against the tiny RC rocket. Now, as an owner of some high-performance radio-controlled cars myself, I know that these little buggers can rocket from 0-60 in just a couple of seconds, and some fine-tuned little machines can achieve well over 100 mph. The biggest problem? Keeping them on a straight line.

The take off will be the easy bit for the RC car, as eight pounds worth of car can accelerate a lot quicker than thousands, but from then on, who knows…

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Via [High Tech Corvette]

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