Twin-Turbo LT1 C2 Corvette Lays Waste to Supercars

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Today’s hypercars get all the hype. But with an infusion of modern power, this C2 Corvette destroys them all.

These days, modern-day supercars get all the press. And perhaps for good reason. When even minivans can run the quarter in 14 seconds or so these days, it’s pretty embarrassing for the old musclecars we used to worship. And yet, when you throw some serious power and a little suspension voodoo at a classic car, the tables can turn rather quickly. The latest example of which is this amazing twin-turbo, LT1-powered C2 Corvette.

Lamborghini, McLaren, Nissan GT-R, nothing stands a chance against this ’67 Corvette. Even a C7 gets gapped in an embarrassing case of Corvette-on-Corvette crime. The worst thing about this classic ride’s dominance is that these aren’t simply small margins of victory, either. The C2 Corvette wins each and every race by bus lengths. Or perhaps 747 lengths, since these beat downs take place on an airstrip.

C2 Corvette

Outside of what lurks under the hood, you’d never guess this C2 was capable of laying waste to every supercar and hypercar in its path. The exterior is rather mild, and it even has some old school knockoff-style wheels to complement the look. The turbo whine is a dead giveaway, of course, but it’s also muffled a bit by the side pipes with cutouts.

C2 Corvette

Total power is a far cry from anything that came in the C2 Corvette originally, of course. With 18-20 pounds of boost, the LT1 is making around 900 horsepower. Funny enough, the owner sold the car and bought it back years later with a blown motor. And he admits that the turbos were his kid’s idea. Personally, we think they made the right choice. Mostly because it’s a total hoot to watch this classic ‘Vette destroy everything that lines up against it!

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