Two Years to the Day, NCM to Open Sinkhole Exhibit

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It seems like just a few days ago that Corvette enthusiasts collectively cringed over the news of a sinkhole that swallowed up eight pieces of precious Corvette history. Ironically, the sinkhole has now become a small earmark in the Corvette’s history. Along with the restored cars that were swallowed up and brought back to new, there’s a new exhibit at the National Corvette Museum called the “Corvette Cave In,” which sheds some light on the events of that fateful day on February 12th, 2014.

Inside the exhibit, details of the restoration projects for the cars and the building are explained. And interactive items will even “recreate” the sinkhole as it happened. Describing the details sounds like you’re on a Hollywood movie set: transducers are installed to shake the walls, acoustics are there to replicate the powerful sounds of large sections of earth moving all at once, and even 3D tech will enhance the whole experience.

The exhibit is set to open on February 12th, 2016, exactly two years to the day of the sinkhole.

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