Marine Surprises Dad With New Corvette

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During a time devoted to honoring Veterans who have served our country, it’s sort of fitting that we find ourselves celebrating one for his devotion to family as well.

Then again, I guess it really shouldn’t come as a surprise given the deep level devotion that runs through the veins of our American servicemen. And yet, this story of a retired U.S. Marine honoring his father with a Corvette is still pretty special.

The Marine, Tony Rosenbum, said he’d been planning the big event for about two years, as highlighted by a story on the National Corvette Museum‘s website.

“Every now and then I grab dad and take him on an excursion,” said Rosenbum. “We travel somewhere – typically a concert. We like music. I never tell him what it is. I just say ‘hey we’re going, trust me’ and he always does. I told him we’re going to do something different this time for music.”

Tony’s father, Roger, didn’t even realize what was going on when his son took him to the NCM. Not until Tony told Dad that two of the Corvettes on the Museum’s Boulevard were theirs.

“Dad and I have been wrenching on cars our whole lives,” said Rosenbum. “I worked on a car with him when I was 12 years old. The first car we built together was a 1974 Chevy Vega. We put a small block in it. That was where my passion for cars began, growing up with dad, a GM guy, a Chevy guy. I’ve always loved cars and he passed that down to me. This is my give back.”

Yup, like I said — nothing beats the heart of those who serve this great country of ours.

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Via [Corvette Museum]

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