UAW Could Lose a Lot of Power With C7

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The longtime manufacturing plant for our beloved Corvette could be in for some major workforce changes in the near future.

The legislature in Kentucky’s Warren County, where the Corvette plant is located, recently passed an ordinance that would weaken the power that the UAW has to force workers to pay union dues, according to a National Review report.

In the past, the union could technically fire a worker at the plant for not paying dues. But the new local right-to-work ordinance would essentially make dues voluntary.

And that, folks, could play out pretty interestingly in Kentucky, given a recent federal financial disclosure report on the local UAW chapter representing workers at the plant. According to the findings, the Consider United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 2164 spent just 2 percent of its $560,000 annual budget on “representational activities.”

I can’t imagine that being any real incentive for workers at the plant to pay monthly dues if they don’t have to.

Pending a final approval of the ordinance, it remains to be seen what, if any, impact the move will have on the Corvette itself. But it does put the C7 smack in the middle of the growing debate about the need for unions in America.

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