UFC Star Jon Jones Gets in Trouble With His Corvette

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jon jones corvette

Whether you’re a UFC fan or not, Jon Jones will strike you as an interesting and controversial individual, and this video of a recent encounter with the law will likely highlight that.

The TMZSports video below was filmed by the Police officer’s own body cam, and recorded the officer’s conversation with Jones regarding drag racing and other infractions. Needless to say, the exchange was heated, and even reached obnoxiously high levels of smart-ass-ness from both individuals.

Jones, who is regraded by many as one of the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world, didn’t have the strength to hold back some outright nasty comments toward the cop. Words like “f**king liar, pig, and bull sh**t” were thrown at the officer. In response, the officer didn’t step out of line with his own words, but instead kicked up the sarcasm and made sure to ticket Jones for everything applicable.

Since this NSFW video took place, Jones has officially apologized for the remarks he made, and for his frantic behavior. But Jones still feels the officer laid a heavy hand on him, which I’d have to agree with.

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Via [TMZSports]

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