United Way and GM Partner for “Things Money Can’t Buy” Auction

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Most of the time, we like to talk about big horsepower, crashes, ridiculous swaps, and old classic muscle cars. Today however, we want to take the time to help out a great organization and an amazing cause.

In support of the United Way, General Motors will be headlining an auction of “things money can’t buy” for GM enthusiasts around the world. Some of the items up for auction include becoming an honorary pit crew member for the Corvette Racing Team at the Long Beach Grand Prix, a day of using the Corvette Racing Trailer for whatever you want, a VIP tour of the Corvette Bowling Green factory and Museum, and plenty of other cool items.

Some auction items have fairly steep starting bids, which will hopefully drum up more money for the charity. But others are extremely attainable. You can check out the full list here.

This auction only represents a tiny fraction of what GM has already done for the United Way. Hopefully it should serve the charity even more, and solidify the relationship even further.

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